Courion is renowned for its durable and reliable freight elevator components, and can handle all freight elevator needs, including modernization, installation, service / repair or parts. Courion produces state-of-the-art equipment for its Courion and Security Freight Door systems, CART-MATIC© and TOTE-MATIC© Cartlift systems.

  • Power- or manually-operated freight doors to meet most needs: Vertical Bi-Parting (regular, pass-type, telescoping upper section, regular or pass-type upper panel with compound lower panel) or Slide-Up Freight Doors (Single or Two Section).
  • Car gates for power or manual operations: Single Section gate, Two Section Compound Gate, Two Section Ratio Gate
  • Freight Car Enclosures, Controls and Integration, Door Protection
  • Related Components and Replacement Parts: Courion, Security, and exclusive provider of Harris Preble, Guilbert and Energy freight door replacement parts

Headquartered in St. Louis, MO, Courion has been a leading provider of door systems for freight elevators since 1921. Courion and Freight Tech are proud of their nearly 70 employees, and for being known throughout the industry as a turnkey solution for elevator contractors world-wide.

Freight Tech is Courion’s NYC-based subsidiary and provides installation and 24/7 repair services for freight door systems using skilled IUEC Local 1 professionals. Combined, Courion and Freight Tech can provide a “turn-key” solution for any freight elevator project.