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Vantage Code of Business Conduct

The Vantage Code of Business Conduct defines the guiding principles on how we act as employees, officers, directors and consultants of the Vantage organization and its operating companies. The aim is to establish a common ethical foundation on which we base our day-to-day interactions and behaviors and, as appropriate, to document those behaviors in related company policies.
Our Mission The strategic vision of Vantage is to operate as ‘One company, serving our Customers, with the Power to Move.’

Our operating companies serve across the Vantage Group as the single-point provider of systems and components to customers in the elevator industry. Our dedicated employees are committed to providing customers with cost-effective, best-in-class solutions and unwavering product support.

In everything we do, we want to uphold a strong reputation for honesty, integrity, and accountability. This in turn will help us create real value for our stakeholders, including customers, employees, suppliers, owners and the communities where we operate.

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Vantage Anti-Corruption and Sanctions Policy

Vantage Elevator Solutions (“Vantage” or the “Company”) is committed to ethical and legal conduct in all of our business and operations, and including compliance with all applicable anti-corruption laws and economic sanctions. The Vantage Code of Business Conduct and this Anti-Corruption and Sanctions Policy (the “Policy”) embody this commitment.

In short, the Company will not tolerate bribery, kickbacks, or corruption of any kind, directly or indirectly through third parties. Vantage directors, officers, and employees, as well as Vantage’s distributors and other third parties that act on Vantage’s behalf (collectively, “Vantage Personnel”) are prohibited from offering or giving anything of value (including gifts, hospitality, or entertainment) to anyone–including government officials–for the purpose of obtaining or retaining an improper business advantage. Similarly, Vantage Personnel may not solicit or accept anything of value from suppliers, customers, or other third parties for an improper business purpose. In addition, Vantage Personnel will comply with all applicable economic sanctions.

The Company requires all Vantage Personnel to become familiar, and to comply, with this Policy, all applicable anti-corruption laws, sanctions, and The Vantage Code of Business Conduct. If you have questions about how this Policy and the Code applies to your conduct, you should contact your supervisor, another appropriate member of staff, the Vantage Legal Department, or the Vantage Confidential Reporting Hotline (which is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week) via phone (1-800-395-0939) or email (

This Policy may be updated from time to time to reflect changes to applicable law or Vantage’s corporate policies. To view the entire policy, please visit: Vantage Anti-Corruption and Sanctions Policy

Vantage Terms and Conditions of Purchase

Vantage General Terms and Conditions of Sale