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About Vantage

As a group, Vantage provides unparalleled access to a powerhouse of world-class elevator expertise, manufacturing and customer service through a single touchpoint. Our strategic alliance provides additional strength and support for all individual manufacturers and service providers, while customers receive a unique range of interconnected elevator solutions – to deliver the power to move.


  • Easy access to an unprecedented range of resources, expertise and products
  • Innovative engineered and turnkey solutions for non-proprietary elevator equipment
  • A strong, centralized partner with a unique service offering, including:
    • Site survey assistance
    • Quick-quote
    • 24/7 technical support
    • Job-site training
    • Commissioning assistance
    • Extended warranty programs
    • Incentive initiatives
    • Fully customized engineered solutions
    • 9 support centers located in the United States and Canada