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Our RENEW™ hydro offering includes a controller, fixtures, pump unit, door equipment, and electrical package. These well-engineered modernization solutions feature quick installation, easy maintenance, and years of reliable performance. All from one source.

Whether you’re a Building Owner, Consultant or Contractor, RENEW hydro™ simplifies demanding elevator modernization projects. Bundling the perfect combination of components from the Vantage product portfolio, you’ll get everything you need to enhance safety, performance, and reliability, all from a single source.

Download our RENEW™ hydro Brochure for more information.


Download our Renew™ DMC Brochure for more information.


For the Installer
• One-step quote and ordering portal
• Remote monitorable technology platforms
• Coordinated ‘to site’ shipping program
• Easy install with on-site assistance available

For the Consultant
• Latest building & elevator code compliance
• A reputable and proven product
• Integration with the existing infrastructure
• Security alignment with building systems

For the Building Owner
• Enhanced safety
• Increased reliability
• Improved passenger value perception
• Minimal installation disruption

To learn more about RENEW™ hydro and the Vantage Renew Series, contact your local region representative.

Digital Downloads
Product Definition
• Request for Quote (RFQ) – Coming Soon
• Field Survey Forms: