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Remote Monitoring

Manage your elevators from the cloud

Rise to the challenge of smart buildings

Buildings are getting smarter. Which means your elevator monitoring needs to be just as intelligent. Three solutions from Vantage Elevation deliver unequalled monitoring performance and elevator control.

EMU Gateway

The new Ethos IoT facilitates future-proof elevator integration with smart buildings.

Free apps for Android and Apple devices let you remotely monitor and manage the control system from anywhere in the world via password-protected access for floor isolation, entering calls, and other vital functions.

Maximize maintenance efficiency by interrogating elevator status and verifying faults. Then take the correct parts and send the right engineer. Elevator-working-on-arrival is now a thing of the past.

Graphical real-time information options include speed, journeys, re-levelling, temperature and humidity

Elevator journey, door operation and re-levelling counters

Graphical report shows a simple overview of each elevator’s journeys, re-levels, and total count of doors

Monitor the controller and EMU Gateway built-in temperature sensors

Apps for Android and Apple allow you to login, and select reason for visit

Your elevators just got a whole lot smarter

Remote management from anywhere

Remotely secure or restrict one or more floors easily from anywhere in the world. For instance, temporarily restrict or secure any number of floors with just the touch of a button.

[Image of dashboard or user interface]

[Image of dashboard or user interface]

Graphical insights

View the number of elevator journeys, door operations and re-levelling events. Clear graphics display cabinet and EMU Gateway temperatures.

Complete reports

Quickly identify heavily used elevators and door operators with detailed and actionable reports, all displayed in simple graphical displays.

[Image of dashboard or user interface]

[Image of dashboard or user interface]

Reduce costly site visits

Place calls on any floor from anywhere in the world. With EMU Gateway, you remotely test floors, interrogate elevator status, verify faults, and reduce costly site visits by remote fault verification. Graphical real-time information includes speed, journeys, re-levelling, temperature.M/p>


Our EMU NIM (Non-Invasive Monitoring) intelligently monitors your elevator without interfering with existing wiring. Sensors offer analysis and send data to our CMS Anywhere platform where all events are stored and graphically displayed for simple interruption with the use dashboards, reports, alerts and KPIs for full analysis.

Our NEW Predictive Monitoring unit monitors your elevators and captures data, using machine learning to improve your elevator performance and reduce unnecessary site visits, reduce breakdowns, and save you money.

EMU NIM improves your elevator maintenance by detecting faults before they happen. This lets you repair elevator problems before the elevator breaks down, thus increasing elevator availability. This system also detects speed, vibration, current and other data points using multiple sensors to process and flag out anomalies.

Your site engineers simply login to the unit via our TVC app, available for Apple and Android.

Features & Benefits

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Improved elevator performance
  • Realtime data
  • Records elevator trips
  • Detects floor mis-levelling
  • Records ride quality
  • No need to interfere with existing wiring
  • Receive notifications via SMS and e-mail
  • Login via TVC App for Apple and Android
  • Simple installation
  • IoT Connectivity

EMU Mini

The EMU Mini lets you monitor multiple types of assets, such as elevators, escalators, and automated gates—anything that has on/off capabilities.

The EMU Mini sends event status and data to our CMS Anywhere platform using custom rules that you create. You add animations to reflect the current status of your assets.

The EMU Mini reduces expensive site visits and provides peace of mind.

  • 4 inputs per EMU Mini
  • Expandable with multiple EMU minis
  • Engineer visits are logged using our mobile app
  • Notifications via SMS and e-mail
  • Simple installation
  • Custom rules for events
  • Animations reflect the status of equipment
  • IoT Connectivity

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