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Vantage is now the exclusive distributor for the Argus Door Lock Monitor product in the US, Canada, and Mexico*

Save money, time, and frustration by using the Argus Elevator door monitoring solution. This compact out-of-the-box device is the best solution to bring any elevator system into compliance with ASME 17.3 Section 3.10.12 (Door Fault Monitoring). Unlike competing devices, the Argus Elevator Door Monitor allows door contact circuit monitoring to be accomplished via a built-in graphical user interface that does not require hardware configuration. Thanks to its innovative and patented design, this device will not fail if an input is mistakenly configured, as each input can safely handle a rated voltage of up to 300V AC or DC, regardless of its configuration. 

The Easiest Installation and Shortest Time to Compliance


Fits AnywhereFits Anywhere

The compact size of the Argus Elevator Door Monitor offers flexible installation options. It can be installed inside the existing elevator controller or externally, in a dedicated small (7”x7”x4”) UL-listed enclosure.

Easy Wiring VerificationEasy Wiring Verification

The beautiful graphical user interface provides an instantaneous visual indication of the status of each signal. This allows for easy identification and correction of any wiring or configuration problem.


Unlike competing devices that rely on hardware logic, typically in the form of relays, the Argus Elevator Door Monitor is firmware-based. This means that in the case of future regulation changes, the device will be brought up to compliance with seamless software upgrades. All that is needed is a PC and a serial cable that Argus provides.

Energy Efficient

A very energy efficient solution consuming less than 3 Watts. That is about the same amount of power consumed by a single relay (out of many) used by competitor solutions.


The innovative design of the Argus Elevator Door Monitored resulted in three awarded patents: 10,766,745, D894,924, and D918,235


In addition to compliance with the ASME 17.3 Section 3.10.12 code change, Door Fault Monitoring keeps people safe by preventing accidents which reduces liability, giving passengers and building owners peace of mind.


Contact your local region representative or to learn more about Argus Elevator’s Door Lock products and how you can order yours today!

*Some exclusions apply. The Vantage sales territory excludes job sites located in New York State.