Hollister-Whitney invents and manufactures solutions for the vertical transportation industry and offers an extensive line of products that includes elevator hoist machines for gearless and geared applications. The H-W reputation for reliability has been built from a deep-rooted focus on durability, longevity and serviceability.

  • Overhead and Basement Set Traction Machines, Overhead Deflector Machines, Gearless Machines, VVVF Motors for Geared Machines
  • Rope Grippers, Sheaves, Roller Guide Shoes, Rigid & Swivel Guide Shoes, Disk & Drum Brakes, Safeties, Overspeed Governors & Tension Weights, Car Slings & Platforms
  • Spring & Oil Buffers, Elevator Equipment Accessories, MRL Elevators, Equipment Guarding, Compensating Rope Tension Sheaves
  • Advanced R&D, Design & Fabrication Services

The foundation for undeniable reliability began at Hollister-Whitney nearly 120 years ago and continues to dictate products and services today. Established in 1899, Hollister-Whitney has more than 300 employees building the highest quality products at their facility in Quincy, IL.